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 Our work

The UK Public Health Network works to:

  • Facilitate learning and deepen understanding
  • Sharing learning from the different public health situations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland puts countries and organisations in closer contact with each other.
  • The Network’s year one impact report looks at the progress made towards speaking with a united voice, particularly on the strategic issues common to all jurisdictions.
  • Generate UK-wide conversations
  • Conversations between the statutory and voluntary & community sector organisations are starting to change the way that the public health community speaks.
  • Encourage partnership working
  • A do-once-and-share approach is being trialled by policy leads within the Network to reduce duplication of effort.
  • The potential for greater collaboration between public health conferences is being explored through the idea of a UK public health week.

 Network summit meetings:

  • Summit 5: 14 October 2016
    • Theme: Making the most of Brexit.
    • A summary of the discussion can be read here.

  • Summit 4: 20 May 2016
    • Theme: Investing in the health of the public: raising our game.
    • A summary of the discussions can be read here.

  • Summit 3: 8 October 2015
    • Theme: The need for and scope of a new “health and wellbeing of future generations UK act.”
  • Summit 2: 21 May 2015
  • Summit 1: 8 October 2014
    • Theme: The need for a UK Public Health Network as a means of uniting the public health profession

Contact us:

Please contact us if you would like any more information about the Network or have any questions about its work.